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2014 Series
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South on Solomon's Island Road (Rte 2)
Left at Central Ave (Rte 214)
Right at Muddy Creek Road (Rte 468)
Left at the light at Galesville Road (Rte 255)
Go about 1/2 mile & turn right at the CWSC sign, just beyond the funeral home.
3:00 pm 12 Jan 2014
Peter West
From the National Science Foundation,
Admission: Freedonations encouraged

CWSC Foundation board member and National Science Foundation employee will talk about his numerous trips to Antarctica as a member of the NSF's Office of Polar Programs
3:00 pm 16 Feb 2014

Common Mammals
Kerry Wixted, DNR Biologist
Admission: Freedonations encouraged

From the wild bison which roamed through the forest to the venomous shrews that lurk in your backyard, this talk will tell the tale of mammals, both past and present, which inhabited the county. She will bring furs, scat and tracks.
3:00 pm 9 March 2014

Horseshoe Crabs
Linda Andreasen
Fish and Wildlife
Admission: Freedonations encouraged

Horseshoe crabs, also known as the living fossil, have existed for more than 450 million years. .
3:00 pm 13 April, 2014

Physics of Fire (PENDING)

Galesville Fire Department
Admission: Freedonations encouraged

3:00 pm Sunday, 4 May 2014

Honey bees
Rick Derrick
Anne Arundel Beekeepers Association
Admission: Freedonations encouraged

One-third of everything we eat is dependent upon the honeybee for pollination. Rick Derrick, and his wife, Betsy have run Free State Bees, one of the largest bee-keeping businesses in Maryland, for years. Rick will talk about honeybee biology and threats to the wild bee population.

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