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Can you see our baby millipedes? (Live Room)

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Life abounds in the meadow!

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Arianna loves the fish!

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Carrie Weedon Science Center

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Carrie Weedon Science Center Field Trips For Elementary Children

Students think, predict, carry out experiments and work to find out something new in Science.


911 Galesville Rd, Galesville, MD 20765


The Carrie Weedon Science Center Foundation, Inc. hosts science field trips for elementary grades K-5. The lessons are carefully designed to directly support AACPS science curriculum.

Live Room & "Dead" Room (Taxidermy)

We are lucky to have a valuable collection of taxidermy animals -all from Maryland!  It is on loan from AACC and includes many rare animals.  Children have time to see animals up close.

​Students spend time in the Live Room where they may hold and touch some of the animals.  Most of the animals are from the area.