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Animals Everywhere (Different habitats)

Students go on a Schoolyard Safari and look for evidence of animals in four different habitats:  butterfly garden, meadow, wetland, and under "logs."
They observe organisms in the classroom with magnifying glasses and create models.
​Students extend their habitat exploration in the Taxidermy Room.

First Grade- Animals Everywhere and Some Are Hiding​ 

Kindergarten-Animal Movement

Students engage by looking at different animals and identifying different ways of moving.  They go on a Scavenger Hunt to find animals that move in given ways in the Taxidermy Room and the "Live Room."  Part of the day they study tracks and prints, measure wingspans, explore different ways animals walk.  The other half of the day they study animals that swim, crawl, and slide using a story, movement, drawing, and observations of live animals.​

First graders observe a worm and record their observations

Some Are Hiding(Camouflage)

Students learn about four different ways animals camouflage.  They look for animals in the Live Room that use those kinds of camouflage.  They scientifically record the colorations in a booklet.
They become birds to play a camouflage game "Birds and Worms" looking for "worms"
After the game, they use math and graph the color "worms" they found to see what color ones were "eaten" first and what color camouflaged best!